Local shops, makers and entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of a community - and not to mention, the hardest working people we know. 

When time becomes your most valuable asset and you begin to feel like there is never enough of it, you might need an extra hand.

Welcome to Vorola Services, a small business staffing firm designed to give you back the time you need to create the opportunity for growth.



Are you spending your time:

Working the register or restocking inventory?

Working after hours to complete projects?

Closing the store to attend other events?

When you should be:

Pitching local magazines or podcasts

Collaborating with other small businesses.


& CreatOrs

Do you find yourself:

Losing out on additional sales because you can only be at one market?

Focusing on customer services rather than creating new product?

When you should be:

Taking advantage of multiple events at one time.

Networking to get products into local shops.


& Services

Are you always:

Continuing to put off projects?

Needing an extra hand at events?

Focusing on administrative tasks?

When you should be:

Networking to gain customers and partners.

Developing new products or services.


Let’s Do This!

Schedule your 1-hour small business coaching session focused on ways to help you stop working ‘in’ your business and start working ‘on’ your business. You’ll leave with actionable takeaways you can implement and a clearer focus on where your time and efforts should be invested.

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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller