It sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

Vorola may sound like a romantic Italian destination, but in truth it’s much more close to home. It’s simply the first two letters of each of our founder’s, Lauren Rodgers-Voorhees, many names. But don’t let us keep you from day dreaming.

Our Story

Vorola Services LLC was born out an opportune encounter with a group of wonderful Raleigh-based makers, creators and store owners in early 2018.  Lauren attended the event thinking she wanted to open a shop in Raleigh and left with a calling to support the Triangle’s small business owners. We are continuing to evolve our services and products based on the needs and feedback of the small business community.

We provide every customer with an environment to share their goals and challenges, brainstorm on solutions and enable them to take the steps to grow their business by supporting their businesses with staffing hours with our amazing team of Vorola Associates.

Lauren grew up wanting to be a ballerina-teacher but really was just in it for the brief case. After what she refers to as her ‘hiatus’ in San Francisco, she is happily back in Raleigh with her husband and two daughters. She previously worked in sales, marketing and project management and before acknowledging that corporate life was not as fulfilling as she had hoped.

Lauren Rodgers-Voorhees,   founder and owner of Vorola Services LLC

Lauren Rodgers-Voorhees,
founder and owner of Vorola Services LLC